The Eclipse CORBA Plugin (ECP) provides extra features to the Eclipse platform to facilitate development using the CORBA middleware specification.

ECP - The Eclipse CORBA Plugin


  • 04-Sep-2008 Version 0.7.0 released. Compiler integration and include paths.
  • 26-Feb-2008 Version 0.6.1 released. Parser improvements.
  • 15-Jan-2008 Version 0.6.0 released. Content assist support.
  • 17-Jul-2007 Version 0.5.6 released.
  • 09-Feb-2007 Version 0.5.5 released. Requires Eclipse 3.2+ and EMF 2.2+.
  • 03-Jun-2006 IMPORTANT NOTE: The plugin does not appear to work with Eclipse 3.1.1 - you must either install Eclipse 3.2 or go back to ECP 0.3. Sorry for the inconvenience folks, I'm working on it.
  • 24-May-2006 Version 0.4.1 released. Recompiled against Java 1.4.2, instead of 5.0
  • 20-May-2006 Version 0.4.0 released. Problem markers for syntax errors and better outline updating
  • 01-May-2005 Version 0.3.2 released. Dependency on the EMF has been removed
  • 13-Apr-2005 Version 0.3.1 released. Bug fix for syntax colouring of multiline comments
  • 13-Feb-2005 Version 0.3.0 released. The syntax colours are now customisable from the preferences
  • 21-Jul-2004 Version 0.2.0 released. This version adds an outline view for the IDL editor and several bug fixes.

Features: complete | partial | ongoing | planned

  • IDL (Interface Definition Language) file editor with syntax colouring.
  • Customisable syntax colouring
  • Eclipse automatic installation site
  • Tool for running external IDL compilers New
  • Outline view for the IDL editor
  • Autocompletion for editing IDL types
  • JDT-esqe folding and quick fixes
  • Interpretation of IOR content
  • Naming Service integration
  • Interface Repository integration

Note: The feature status indicated above refers to the state of the code in the last release version. If you want the most up-to-date version, which may include recent bug fixes and new features, we recommend that you use the latest version from the CVS repository.


  • IDL editor showing auto complete (v0.6.0 - Mac OS X)
  • IDL editor with outline view (v0.5.6 - Mac OS X)
  • Syntax colouring is customisable through the Eclipse appearance preferences (v0.5.6 - Mac OS X)

System Requirements:

The Eclipse Corba Plugin requires Eclipse 3.2 or later, and EMF 2.2 or later. System requirements are as for a standard Eclipse installation.


There is an Eclipse update site available at:

To install the Eclipse Corba Plugin manually, simply unzip the distribution file in the root of the eclipse installation. The plugin will be placed in [eclipse-root]/plugins/net.sf.eclipsecorba* directories.


Archived plugins (.zip archive) - download from SourceForge

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